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raynald and emie are good friends of ours dating back to their days in samsung electro-mechanics. it’s been years since they’ve both left the company for greener pastures (much, much greener… ;-)) but when they decided to tie the knot, selle and i still got invited. woohooo!

raynald is a dependable reccom member when i was handling it back in ’05. we were just a handful back then hence, labored a lot… but we had fun while at it. he also was a member of my samsung cell group circa ’03-’06… (and so was emie. :-)) emie marie is a fellow iskolar ng bayan and a frequent office chatmate of mine – when she left… those chats turned to email exchanges.

emie asked a lot about wedding stuff during their preps. we even even met up one time at a bridal fair for a “double date” of sorts. 🙂 buti na lang may naitulong pala kami sa kanila as she was soooo thankful about our lanie acedillo recommendation. 😀

i had an unofficial assignment (given by emie, cno pa kaya? hehe) during the wedding day – to be the backup photographer. i still have a pathetic d40… with a kit lens and nothing else so it was indeed a challenge. so here are some of the images i captured… one thing’s for sure – raynald and emie were ALL smiles throughout the day. 🙂

congratulations, guys… at “double date” uli tayo after your honeymoon. 😉

the groom… happily strutting down the aisle

the bride preparing for her…

…grand entrance.

just love how the light gives her gown that “ethereal” glow. i wonder if the “official” photographer shooting across me was looking at the same light. hehe

like raynald before… emie was all smiles as she walked down the aisle. 🙂

shooting in san agustin is really hard because of the lack of lighting… but its architecture more than makes up for it.

mr and mrs herrera… 🙂

emie admitted that the gown was one of her priorities… and she had a KILLER gown! just look at the details…

while waiting for the reception to start… i managed to capture this scene. cute, huh? 🙂

the semphil contingent…

i have no idea what they’re looking at… 😀

i had to run from the back row to the front row just to capture this scene. now if i only had a zoom lens… 😉

wacky shot… up close. 😀

shiny, happy couple. 😀

love this one… even in black & white

i’ve done this kind of shot a number of times already… and, just recently, a friend of mine won a contest with a similar shot. cool, no? 🙂

the same girls i shot playing in the garden… this time, sitting still. cute pa din. 🙂

the semphil contingent… just before going home.

my always gorgeous wife… with a brand new dress just bought for the occassion. 😉


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digital gifts

there’s a group of people that say that the best gifts to give (and receive) are those that can’t be bought. i am one of them.

lately, selle and i had the opportunity to exercise this school of thought and put it into action. a couple of our friends were having their birthdays and we decided to give them something they can’t buy at the mall. 🙂

dvd neriz web

fun facts about neriz’s avp:

  • during one of our chats in one of our get-together’s, neriz mentioned she loved this jingle that she heard from a quick-and-easy commercial. she didn’t know then that that jingle was a rip-off of an actual song. 🙂
  • the gift was supposedly a simple mp3 but when we later learned that we’ll have time to make an avp (kasi biglang nagka-party) then the mp3 turned into an avp. 🙂
  • the avp was made overnight using photos i have on our pc… and video footages from their wedding onsite avp.
  • the dvd design was inspired by their honda jazz vanity plate. 😉

dvd francis web

fun facts about francis’ avp:

  • this was actually kathleen’s idea – who approached us through text with the lines, “kelan ka matatapos sa bc?” i immediately knew then that a favor was coming. 😀
  • while francis was in gen san jump-starting a multi-million business, we went to their house to get photos for the avp – this included “stealing” his 2 dvd’s-worth of overseas trips photos – which he was looking for later on the week. 😀
  • most video footages were taken using a cellphone.
  • other video footages came in real slow and i started editing even without the other expected video messages. some eventually came in and i had to redo some parts of the avp to squeeze them in.
  • the choice of song was intentional, knowing that francis was a beatles fanatic. 🙂

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house parties

for the past 3 months, we’ve been invited to 3 house birthday parties. i’ve always believed that house parties are much, much better (and meaningful) than those held at establishments. siguro dahil it’s more intimate… and less structured. plus guests tend to mingle and talk to each other more. 🙂

we’re honored that we were invited to these parties. next year uli ha. 😉

july 17, 2009
neriz’s birthday

selleanddyoks_3719 web
selleanddyoks_3718 web

august 5, 2009
charles’ birthday

selleanddyoks_3773 web
selleanddyoks_3774 web
selleanddyoks_3777 web

september 12, 2009
francis’ birthday

selleanddyoks_4199 web
selleanddyoks_4200 web
selleanddyoks_4180 web
selleanddyoks_4181 web
selleanddyoks_4185 web
selleanddyoks_4175 web
selleanddyoks_4209 web

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may 30, 2009

covering weddings, not merely attending them, has become a habit of mine. so when it was time for emma and paul’s wedding, i was determined to get that one shot worthy of being framed and hanged on their house wall. here’s some of them… hopefully, i managed to get that one shot. 😉

selleanddyoks_3496 web
selle with “mommy” and “daddy.”

selleanddyoks_3525 web
selleanddyoks_3527 web
selleanddyoks_3529 web
the bridal march, taken from different angles.

selleanddyoks_3558 web
selleanddyoks_3606 web
a couple of photo-journalistic shots. key to photojournalism is having an alert eye… cause these moments don’t last that long.

selleanddyoks_3576 web
selleanddyoks_3585 web
selleanddyoks_3599 web
emma was all laughs during the ceremony. fun, fun, fun… 🙂

selleanddyoks_3648 web

selleanddyoks_3658 web
yes, it’s a BIG clan. 🙂

selleanddyoks_3662 web
selleanddyoks_3666 web
selleanddyoks_3671_pp web
selleanddyoks_3679 web
selleanddyoks_3713_pp web

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selleanddyoks_3864 web

august 9, 2009

just a day after miggy’s swimming party, we’re off to another kiddie party – this time just within calamba. ruby (or mama ruby) and jun are former colleagues of selle and their 2nd child just turned one! and where else to celebrate? at every pinoy kid’s favorite fastfood – jollibee!

more than just a kiddie party, it was a sort of like a reunion for selle and her former tantal officemates. she spent most of her time with mariel (or manang), a neighbor but somehow we don’t get to spend much time with. sadly, mommy rose was not able to attend but kate, selle’s inaanak, was there and we “baby-sitted” her during the party. 🙂

selleanddyoks_3851 web
selleanddyoks_3852 web
selleanddyoks_3853 web
selleanddyoks_3854 web
selleanddyoks_3859 lomo web
selleanddyoks_3866 web
sometimes, you got to be creative in choosing your subjects – shying away from the obvious ones. 🙂

selleanddyoks_3868 web
in this shot, i used the other guests who were taking photos to frame the subjects. worked out well, in my opinion. 🙂

selleanddyoks_3870 web
selleanddyoks_3873 web

happy, happy birthday, jubilyn. 😀

selleanddyoks_3857 web

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kiddie party #2: miggy

selleanddyoks_3809 web

august 8, 2009

it was miggy’s 8th birthday party and it was at my sister’s condo in pasig. not knowing how to get there, we got instructions from my sister and then followed it to the letter. everything was going smoothly until we near her place and her instructions were to turn right. i got confused because it was impossible to turn right. 🙂 buti na lang familiar na kami dun sa condo and made the correct decision of turning left. 🙂

selleanddyoks_3816 web

miggy had a swimming party! ok sya kasi it’s a different kind of a kiddie party. sobrang ok kasi the kids were enjoying themselves at the pool to the fact that no entertainment was needed na. they only stopped when it was time to eat… pero after eating, back at the pool they were. 😀 it was a good thing that the weather cooperated… it was raining all week-long but that day it was just partly cloudy – enough to block the sun rays from the kids. 🙂

selleanddyoks_3793 web
selleanddyoks_3796 web
selleanddyoks_3810 web
selleanddyoks_3815 web
selleanddyoks_3817 web
selleanddyoks_3808 web
the birthday boy having a quick chichacorn break with my lovely wife. 🙂

selleanddyoks_3831 web

we left after the blowing of candles – a brief pause to the kids’ playtime at the pool. we still owe miggy his transformer ironhide toy… something we have yet to see at the stores.

selleanddyoks_3805 web

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kiddie party #1: chloe



that was the subject title of a blank email i got from cinderella, a friend and a former officemate, a few months back. yes, a blank email… meaning, walang laman.

“ha? ano to? may problema ba?” those were the thoughts going through my mind as i stared at the blank email. i then quickly shot back a reply asking what’s going on?

“eh kasi sir… nahihiya talaga ako eh. mag-bday kasi si baby chloe ko… eh kung pwede sana kayo mag-cover ng party. eeeee… nahihiya talaga ako sir.” or something to that effect (hehe) was the reply i got from cindy. ok, ok, i got the message. but why me? i mean, she’s got plenty of friends who have better cams than our pathetic d40. tsaka, sa taas ng kinikita nilang mag-asawa eh why not just hire a pro? 🙂 whatever her reasons were, i didn’t bother knowing them anymore. cindy’s a friend and it would be an honor to shoot for her baby’s party. plus, it’s one way of giving a gift without spending a single peso. 🙂

may 24, 2009. dahil mga probinsyano’t probinsyana kami (vena, neriz, jade and cedrick (na nag-iisa sa kanyang kotse)), we kinda got lost looking for the place. palibhasa mga d sanay sa fort. 🙂 but we still managed to arrive early and since we were there before the start of the party, i got a chance to snap off a few pre-party pics.


then the party officially started. syempre kiddie games dominated the program – to the enjoyment of the adults.

heck, there even was a game for adults which we guys starred in – and won. come from behind pa nga yung victory eh. 😀

with the vertical movement to consider aside from the horizontal movement, i know that a panning shot of a running person is almost impossible to pull off… but i tried anyway. kinda liked the output. 🙂

i wonder what lara was thinking about? “give me that balloon?” 😀

chloe… with utmost concentration on blowing those candles out. 🙂

babies, babies and even more babies… heck, there were even a couple of celebrities in the party too. 😉

after the party, guests stayed and did some catching up with friends.


not satisfied, we even changed venues and went to bonifacio high street to continue the exchanging of stories. since andun na rin lang, we strolled and went window shopping… eventually making our way to la senza – where the gals did some mega-shopping (especially the millionaire myles ;-)).


yah, from kiddie party to a lingerie botique… it was quite a day. 🙂

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