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digital gifts

there’s a group of people that say that the best gifts to give (and receive) are those that can’t be bought. i am one of them.

lately, selle and i had the opportunity to exercise this school of thought and put it into action. a couple of our friends were having their birthdays and we decided to give them something they can’t buy at the mall. 🙂

dvd neriz web

fun facts about neriz’s avp:

  • during one of our chats in one of our get-together’s, neriz mentioned she loved this jingle that she heard from a quick-and-easy commercial. she didn’t know then that that jingle was a rip-off of an actual song. 🙂
  • the gift was supposedly a simple mp3 but when we later learned that we’ll have time to make an avp (kasi biglang nagka-party) then the mp3 turned into an avp. 🙂
  • the avp was made overnight using photos i have on our pc… and video footages from their wedding onsite avp.
  • the dvd design was inspired by their honda jazz vanity plate. 😉

dvd francis web

fun facts about francis’ avp:

  • this was actually kathleen’s idea – who approached us through text with the lines, “kelan ka matatapos sa bc?” i immediately knew then that a favor was coming. 😀
  • while francis was in gen san jump-starting a multi-million business, we went to their house to get photos for the avp – this included “stealing” his 2 dvd’s-worth of overseas trips photos – which he was looking for later on the week. 😀
  • most video footages were taken using a cellphone.
  • other video footages came in real slow and i started editing even without the other expected video messages. some eventually came in and i had to redo some parts of the avp to squeeze them in.
  • the choice of song was intentional, knowing that francis was a beatles fanatic. 🙂


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january 30, 2009.

i love watching movies. since i’m into video editing, i love watching wedding videos too. so when w@w announced their opening event for their 10th year anniversary celebration, the w@w videofest, i was excited. imagine five videographers, each making their own mini-documentary/avp to be shown at the power plant cinema – that’s like cinematic nirvana.

meanwhile, bob nicolas asked if i could write the script for the voice over of the avp. ano ba to? hindi naman ako writer. 🙂 but then again, i’m a w@wie and since bob is not, he needed someone who has inside information regarding the w@w website. so i agreed and typed away, not knowing what concept bob had in mind. basta sabi lang nya, i-discuss lang daw yung sections ng w@w website. so after an hour or so of typing and thinking, i finished the script. i even read it and timed how long it was. 5+ minutes. uh-oh. napahaba ata yung nagawa ko. less than 5 minutes lang daw sabi ni bob eh kasi maglalagay pa sya ng interviews. but i decided to send the whole script nonetheless and told bob just to cut the script if necessary.

then less than two weeks before the videofest, bob told us that our interviews will finally push through (early on he already told us he’ll interview us but we just couldn’t get our skeds right). d pa nga lang alam kung kelan exactly. 😀 basta tuloy. january 26, bob decided to have our interview the following day. january 27, tuloy na tuloy na. ready na sina vena and neriz (or should i say kinakabahan? 😀). excited na kami kung san namin papakainin sina bob after the shoot. then biglang kinelangan pumunta ni bob sa power plant kasi kelangan daw i-test yung kanilang avp’s. *sigh* downer. akala pa man din namin eh big screen debut na namin. 😆 pero ok lang. it wasn’t bob’s fault anyway. bob wouldn’t have time to insert interviews anymore though. an avp without interviews? what was this mad genius cooking? 😉 (btw, jason magbanua also contacted us for an interview. apparently, he was in need of a male w@wie. unfortunately, the shoot was on a monday in makati and it was impossible for me to make it. benz even joked that we were so in-demand. 🙂 but in the end though we ended up in none of the avp’s. 😆)

the day before the videofest, we learned from vena and neriz that we wouldn’t have a ride to go to the videofest. downer na naman. so either we’re gonna commute from laguna all the way to rockwell during friday night rush hour traffic or not go at all. btw, it was a red carpet event so if commuting alone was difficult enough… commuting in formal attire was even worse. so the night before the event, even if i really, really wanted to go (i was the scriptwriter and it meant something to me)… i decided not to because i knew the commute would be too tasking for selle.

the following day, i woke up and still felt that desire to go. then it hit me. why not rent a van? oh, yeah… why not? yes, it’s gonna cost us but at least we’ll be able to go. we’ll be able to support our friend bob and hear my words inside a cinema. so rented a van we did. it was so last minute that immediately after 5 o’clock, we went home to change to our red carpet attires – vena and neriz included. 🙂

we arrived exactly at 8:30 pm, just in time for the by-invitation-only showing. we immediately saw bob and let and said our hello’s and how are you’s. then we learned from them that the event was delayed due to technical problems. no problem. that gave us some time to munch. gutom na kami eh at d pa kami nag-di-dinner. 🙂


after a quick bite, we entered the theater and it was packed already. we settled on our seats somewhere in front (sayang at katabi na sana namin si jason magbanua 🙂) and waited excitedly. while waiting, we looked around the theater and saw literally the who’s who of the wedding industry all dressed up. after a couple of picture-taking sessions… the event started.


5 videographers. 5 avp’s. here’s a few notes:

  • the forrest gump parody was hilarious. everyone was giggling while it was being shown. 😀
  • it seemed like the suppliers were born to be interviewed. so much personality and so many great sound bites. 🙂
  • anj’s (w@wie) story was a real tear-jerker. props for her courage in telling her story to the world.
  • w@w is a true success story. knowing how it all started and how big – and influential – it is today… incredible.

but what struck us the most was bob’s video. this is not because i wrote the script for it (anyone can do that). nor was it because we’re former clients (and now friends). it’s simply because we felt his was the most unique of them all. like i commented on a w@w news blog entry, the visuals were stunning and the symbolism was deep yet spot-on. it was a work of art… and it was about a website. yes, a website. sabi ko nga kay bob when he was making the avp, “parang ang hirap ata ng napunta sa iyong topic.” and it truly was a difficult topic to discuss. but bob manage to do it… artistically at that. now only a true genius can do that.

and the kicker was… i saw my name on the BIG SCREEN. i didn’t expect that. nagulat talaga ako. me, being an engineer, never even dreamt of seeing my name on the big screen… and i just did. mababaw sya pero nakakatuwa pa din. 🙂

the event ended and we congratulated bob immediately. we were proud of him and his work and we made sure he knew that.

we ate dinner (finally) at dencio’s afterwards. bob and let (and joey) dropped by just to say thanks. bait nila, no? 🙂


another time spent with close friends and admired friends. we went home really, really late but it was all worth it. 🙂

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last day

after 8 years and 8 months of employment, we, as husband and wife, decided that it would be better if selle resigned from work. it was not an easy decision due to the ties and relationships that have been forged throughout her stay in samsung but whenever work eats up majority of one’s time (6-7 day work week is just too much) and the delight brought about by work is no longer there, it made the decision a little bit easier.

with the goal of letting her feel that she have touched a number of lives, she’s greatly appreciated and that she will be sorely missed, i decided to make an avp for my wife. i set the plan in motion almost a month ago, aiming to create the best avp i have ever made. sadly, editing-wise, it wasn’t the best i’ve made… not even close. 😦

first, i didn’t have the luxury of directing the interviews. for some vague reason, people didn’t want me present during their interviews. nahihiya daw kasi sila. 😀 so i ended up with a lot of interviews (from co-workers and former co-workers) which didn’t have a clear thought flow. that was the first problem.

second, since the quantity and length of the video messages were immense, i ate a lot of time just going through them… thereby reducing my time to edit. also, this meant that the avp will be extremely long.

third, i didn’t have enough pictures to fill-in the gaps of the video messages.

fourth, i had to edit secretly because this was supposed to be a surprise for my wife. so nag-e-edit lang ako pag tulog si selle… further reducing my time to edit. unfortunately, selle caught me editing a couple of days before her last day. bummer. 😦

sum these all up and i ended up with a 20-minute, 5 chapter/song audio-visual presentation which really didn’t have a clear story nor flow. i personally called the avp “chopseuy” or “halo-halo” kasi parang pinag-sama-sama ko na lang talaga ang mga video messages. *sigh* naiinis talaga ako sa sarili ko nun… but i had no more time to edit it more kasi nga a night before her last day ko lang natapos yung avp. 😦

on selle’s last day, i connived with her department-mates and organized a simple farewell party for my wife. this will also be the avenue for me to show the avp. good thing that the party was kept as a surprise and selle was indeed surprised… 😀

it was a simple pizza party with lots of stories… lots of laughter. 🙂


afterwards, i showed the lengthy avp… still a bit disgusted with myself for not producing a better one. but as the avp was being shown, i could see my wife’s reaction…

and based on her reaction alone, nawala bigla yung inis ko sa sarili ko. i was focusing too much on the technicality of the avp, the bells-and-whistles, when what was essential was the substance and impact to the recipient. i guess, i succeeded in my initial goal why i made the avp in the first place. 🙂

here’s the farewell avp cut into 5 chapters. use of earphones are recommended since the audio is not that good.
(note: something went wrong during conversion to mp4 file to upload to youtube. transitions are no longer smooth and the 16:9 aspect ratio disappeared in majority of the scenes.)
(update: we changed the video from youtube to vimeo for better video quality. since this is a single file, it would take a while to buffer the whole video so please do exercise patience. 😉)

to those who contributed video messages, a gazillion thanks to you all. pasensya na kung kinulit-kulit ko kayo ha. mahal ko lang talaga asawa ko… at alam kong mahal nyo din sya. 😉 nga pala, don’t worry, we have your complete video messages at napanood na ni selle ang mga yun… including all the non-sense. 😆

to those who helped in planning and executing the surprise party, a gazillion thanks to you as well… kahit na hindi perfect yung “surprise” natin. 😀

to my wife, better things await. sabi nga ni God, He will bring us from strength to strength, faith to faith, GLORY to GLORY. i love you. 🙂

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what is a backup photographer?

backup photographers, as the name implies, back up the main photographer. they shoot the essentials at unusual angles and shoot the often overlooked (the candids, the guests… etc) aspects of an event. with a plethora of emotions, reactions and activities in a wedding, the main photographer will most probably miss a number of shots hence, backup photographers are starting to become in vogue in the wedding industry.

yammy is a close friend of mine at work. eventhough we’re from different departments, we’ve worked together most especially because of training. a person full of energy, yammy and sim finally decided to tie the knot after ten years of being in a relationship… and we’re privileged to be one of the select few who were invited. 🙂

during sim and yammy’s wedding, charles (my departmentmate) and i took the liberty of pretending to be backup photographers just for the sake of experience and stretching out the capabilities of our dslr’s. 🙂 funny nga kasi napagkamalan pa akong official photographer noong wedding coordinator. 😆 one thing we learned through the experience is that in low-light situations (like in most wedding receptions), we need either a faster lens and/or an external flash. ang hirap pag low light, most of our photos came out blurred. 😦 we’ll just chalk that up to experience. 🙂

here’s how my backup photographer experiment came out:

charles with his brand new canon 450d and the rest of yammy’s “star wars” barkada… in lomo.

my wife anticipating the start of the ceremony… while the others were busy doing somethine else. 😀

familiar faces took up majority of the entourage and i had to make sure i took a photo of them. kung meron lang kaming portable photo printer i would’ve charged them 50 pesos each. 😆

the anticipation and emotion of the bridal march.

a few photojournalistic shots of the ceremony.

i wasn’t the only one snapping away photos. selle brought our trusty point-and-shoot and got off lovely shots as well. time to buy another dslr? 😉

reception venue shots… before and during the reception.

it’s rare that we get a photo of us or even myself during weddings. so thanks to charles (left photo) and my wife, selle, (right photo) for great shots above. 🙂

as a gift, i made yammy a photo-slideshow that shown during the reception.


i hate to admit it pero uminit ulo ko while the avp was being shown kasi ba naman the male emcee decided to do a running commentary habang pinapalabas yung avp. duh? that kinda ruined the first part of the avp. grrrr…

here’s sim and yammy’s photoslideshow… minus the unwanted commentary.

to sim and yammy, welcome to the wonderful world of married life. make sure to relish each moment… there’ll be plenty each day. 🙂

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i’ve been doing digital projects for quite some time now. mostly to add to our personal digital art collection while some as wedding gifts to our friends (yet another delayed blog post topic 😛). a month ago, wengi, our dear friend, approached us asking if i could make an avp which she and her officemates would in turn give as a birthday gift. knowing that it ain’t that easy to make one, wengi offered to pay for the project (yes! 😀). yun nga lang, she didn’t know how much… neither did we. 😆

anyway, we delayed the how-much-for-the-project part decision to a later time (which later on she just decided on a certain rate by herself 😛) and instead just gave wengi a deadline on when to submit the materials needed (video + photo files). i also gave wengi some tips on how to do interviews and what questions to ask (although she didn’t follow some of those tips. 😛)

not only did the materials arrived late (tsk tsk tsk 😆), it came at a time i was rushing to finish the new corporate avp project. when i finally had time to check out the materials, there were only a few set of photos plus they didn’t match any of the stories the interviewees were talking about. wengi naman… 😛

anyway, i had to make to do with what was given… tutal eh bayad eto. 😆 since the video interviews were not that serious, i decided to give the avp a light & bubbly feel to it. here’s how it turned out (the first part was omitted to fit the 10-minute youtube limit):

what do you think?

wengi loved it… both the avp and the dvd label design. her roommate loved it too. unfortunately, i have no feedback yet if the celebrant loved it also. sayang kasi dahil they were not able to organize a viewing party of some sort. that would’ve been the most ideal way to give this avp as a gift.

just this week, i shared this avp with our friend/videographer, bob nicolas, to ask kung magkano ba dapat singil for this kind of a project. i knew that i was “lugi” with the payment i was getting but i didn’t expect i was sobrang “lugi” when bob told us how much we should’ve been paid. at least now, we know better. 😉

wengi, you owe us big time. 😛

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a couple of weeks ago, the philippine president paid our company a visit. you read that right, that’s president gloria macapagal-arroyo. and like all notable visitors that we have had, samsung was ready to give her the vip treatment. the problem was, we only had a few weeks to pull it off.

as expected, i was tasked to make a brand new corporate avp to present to pgma. i was really hesitant to agree because:
1) we had an upcoming machine management audit from hq to attend to
2) i would be editing the avp at home hence, i would practically be working both at the office and at home

but how could i resist if our company president himself insisted in me making the avp? 😕

since i had limited time, i didn’t make an all-new-footages avp. a third of the new avp was extracted from an hq-made avp (redubbed, re-arranged and replaced soundtrack). another third was from an avp i recently made for all managers’ workshop we just had. the final third was all new. this way, i saved time in completing the project.

buti na lang at ganun ginawa ko kasi muntik ko ng hindi matapos yung project on time (at buti na lang na-postpone ng ilang days ang pagpunta ni pgma due to the typhoon frank incident). but i was able to finish it and our president viewed it and he was impressed. 😀

but my pgma visit role did not end there. i was tasked to be the techie support at the meeting/presentation with pgma. ewan ko nga bat ako pinili eh because we have IT guys assigned for that. anyway, since ganun na nga, it meant i would be at the same room with her excellency during her visit. la lang… 😉

the morning of the visit, it was raining but members of the psg were all over our company. grabe, ang dami nila. i was actually both impressed and amused by their security measures. the stuff we see in movies are actually true. ganun sila ka-strict… and understandably so. for us who will be at the conference room with pgma, we were given small stickers by the psg to identify that we’re the only ones allowed inside the room.


the department of energy advance party arrived. then doe undersecretary angelo reyes. then peza director de lima. then finally pgma herself. yes, she is small. 🙂

after a brief company and product introduction just outside of the conference room, we soon entered the room and the meeting/presentation began. everything went smoothly without a glitch and the meeting ended in less than 30 minutes. unfortunately, pgma skipped the line tour (although she really wanted to… and so did the employees who were anxiously awaiting for her) because she was running late for another appointment. blame the peza director for being late that’s why we did not start on time. tsk tsk.

anyway, an hour or so after pgma left, apparently, she called and asked for a copy of our corporate avp. apparently, she liked it. 🙂


unfortunately, i could not share that avp here. i guess you’re just gonna have to visit our plant to see it. 😉

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rush job


it would’ve been easy for a professional but i am not one. that was why i kinda hesitated when kathleen’s friends asked me to make an avp for her farewell party. do i have enough time? that was the question that kept ringing in my head. eventually, i relented to their request because, after all, this was for a dear friend. 🙂

this project however turned into a rush job with the materials being submitted later than i needed. being an amateur, i can’t just go and edit right away. first, i had to go through the interviews several times over to somehow get a storyline going. then i had to browse through the photos as well. after plotting the outline of the avp, i then had to search for suitable music to use. all these took significant time and i haven’t even opened my vegas yet.

for 4 consecutive nights, i was parked in front of our home pc trying to weave out an acceptable avp. by the end of the second night, i knew i was in trouble as i estimated that with my current pace, i wouldn’t make it. i then had to speed things up and compressed everything in the next 2 nights which, besides editing, included rendering, burning and dvd design. ano ba tong pinasok ko? 😀

despite overlooking a lot of things and not having the opportunity to fine tune the output due to lack of time (i’m gonna get flack from my friends with this one 😆), thankfully, the project was finished in time. whew. next time, maniningil na ako. 🙂

here’s our audio visual tribute for kathleen, divided into 3 chapters because the whole avp exceeds the youtube time limit.

chapter 1
describing kathleen

chapter 2
personal anecdotes

chapter 3
farewell messages

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